Sunday, November 28, 2010

Let's give this a whirl...

I've been reading a lot of blogs lately and while they may not physically improve my daily life [a la; (daily, as in, every day I eat pie crust!)], they usually make me smile (a la, and at the very least, they provide a moment of distraction from my workday (a la I'm not naming any names). So I've decided to start an "adventures in life" blog of my own. With facebook at my fingertips, I'm not really sure who I'll be informing of our daily adventures with this blog who doesn't already read my mishaps in my status line, but at least I won't be restricted by that silly character limit here!

So...who am I? I'm a 29 (and holding!) year old woman who married a wonderful guy Bryan, (to whom I must give credit for the name of this blog) last month. We live in a teeny house in the Art Museum Area of Philadelphia. We are servants to 2 rambunctious mutts and 1 Queen Calico. Boots the kitty found me easily through her previous owner who sadly passed away and left indications that I would take her when the time came. Ribby and Buster had to align the stars a bit more, but found us through West Jersey Volunteers for Animals ( Support them. They're awesome.). They provide daily entertainment, conversation (you're not normal unless you have several conversations daily with your furkids) and unconditional love. We continue to volunteer with WJVA as time allows and wish that we could give more.

I have a love of cooking which I believe dates back to making ravioli with my Granny and spilling flour with Lisa, but recently, my interest has grown and even expanded to baking (which means other things, i.e. hips, waist, will be expanding). I must add the disclaimer that I am an Independent Senior Consultant with The Pampered Chef (, but that is not the reason for my love of cooking, or vice versa. They are, however, closely related as all of my new awesome Pampered Chef products make whipping up masterpieces so much easier.

So why mention furkids and food? Well, I'm planning for that to be the focus of my blog. Most of my daily thoughts revolve around eating food and loving animals, not just mine. So its not just animals and minerals (and proteins and fats and vitamins...), its daily life and they are a big part. I hope you'll stick with me and check back to see how we fare as we figure out married life and what else is to come.

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