Friday, January 21, 2011

All you need is a little Hope.

First, I'd like to apologize for my slacker-status these past few weeks. Since I started my new job last week, I've had a bit of trouble adjusting to my new commute and daily routine. I promise to be back on track soon! I need to get back to cooking before my cookware gets dusty and I have to clean it off! So until then...lets introduce this cutie patootie...

We pulled Hope from a local shelter looking quite...well...scraggly. She had very very dry skin, dandruffy, and had some rough patches; all most likely from inadequate care. WJVA Volunteers took her out to the play area at the shelter and immediately discovered that Hope loves to play fetch. So into the care of WJVA Hope came.

Hope is a very people friendly dog. We have little will power as animal rescuers and will allow her to stand on her hind legs and give us hugs (don't tell Ribby and Buster!!). She is the best self esteem booster when she greets you--she's always so happy to meet you! Unfortunately though, Hope isn't as thrilled to meet other dogs. She will always be an only-dog kind of girl, but will give you more love than a whole pack of dogs could give!

Hope's coat is already looking 200% better than when we rescued her. She's wirey and still kind of shaggy, but now in a cute way. She looks like she got in the way of a spray paint can; she has small areas of white on her back and chest. She has a black tongue, so we believe she may be part Chow, but we're not sure what else may be in her creative make-up.

Even though Hope isn't good at making 4-legged friends, she'll be the BFF of any 2-legged friend who wants to give her a foster or furever home. She'd love to have a fenced in yard in which she could play ball, and would do great with a walk or 2 daily just to keep up on her leash walking and socialization skills. She already walks well on a leash and knows "sit." She pays attention well and will learn other commands quickly, I'm sure!

If you are interested in giving Hope the home she is Hope-ing for, please comment or email directly.

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