Sunday, January 2, 2011

Louie Louie

Louie is a special guy. He came to stay with his foster mom after her friend met him in North Carolina. His foster mom and her friend must be his guardian angels, since they have gotten him out of a shelter and into a home, learning how to be a loving, trusting family dog. He's about 3 years old and is a coonhound mix.

Based on his peculiar reaction to things in a normal household, we think Louis was kept in a pen outside and was only let out when it was time to hunt. At first, he wasn't sure what to think about the TV, dishwasher, ceiling fans, but these are all understood now and he is at ease in the house. Outside noises tended to scare him at first too, like the neighbors kids playing in a pool, a tree being cut down, or a truck backfiring, but within a few short weeks, these things are less scary to him and instead of running in the house for cover, he usually comes to his foster mom now, showing good bonding skills on his part. Louis was picked up as a stray, so we assume he either strayed from the pack while hunting or was simply let go because hunting wasn't his thing. After living outside in a pen and then in a shelter for 2 years, we think he's doing great!
The breed is known to be good with other dogs and children and Louis proves this to be true. He is easy to handle and check over for his health needs. Louis loves his crate and his toys. He loves them so much that he can get impatient and get in trouble by chewing on things that aren't his if there aren't any toys or bones in sight. He loves his crate so much and goes there when he feels unsafe. In a new environment, he feels like he needs to guard his crate from other animals, but with reassurance and an adjustment period, he will settle in and feel comfortable with the other furkids.

While Louis is fine with kids who come into his house, he will need time to adjust to the environment with the family that adopts him. For this reason, his foster mom feels like he should go to people who don't yet have kids or who have older kids. Younger kids may make noises that could scare Louie and make it tough for him to adjust to his new home.

He is living with other dogs and gets along with them well. He (just like me!) doesn't like to be woken up though. He'll "scold" his fursiblings with a bark if they come up to his crate and wake him. Outside his crate, he has claimed a chair by the window to look outside. If its raining or thundering though, he heads back to his crate, as he doesn't like storms. Maybe they are a reminder of being stuck in the rain without a loving family to keep him safe.

Louie doesn't need a huge yard, as he's not a high energy dog, but can jump a 4 foot fence if he feels threatened. Ideally, he'll go to a furever home with a yard with a 5 foot fence and a family member to walk him daily so he can learn the sounds of the neighborhood while in the company of a strong friend. Louis does pull on leash when he first starts out and again when he's frightened by a new noise, but he gets better with each trip.

Louie is trying very hard to become a family dog. He just needs to continue learning that humans are here to keep him safe, healthy and happy, and that by accepting them, he will do the same for them. Are you interested in adopting Louie and letting his learning continue?

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