Saturday, January 15, 2011

Why oh why is Wiley still homeless?

Wiley came to us several months ago when we rescued him from a local shelter. His family had surrendered him, but not after teaching him manners and some commands. We aren't exactly sure why his original family surrendered him, but we are sure he'd make an awesome dog for one lucky family.
Wiley has the softest coat ever and loves to play outside. He's a big fan of snow! In his short 2 year long life, he has learned and retained, through his tough times, to sit, stay and lay down. He walks very well on a leash and is housebroken. He's a ready-made dog!

Wiley is probably a lab/huskey mix, and like I said, has the softest fur, you'll just want to cuddle up with him on a cold day. He's playful and loves to run around with toys. He'd do best in a home with a yard in which he can play fetch with his family. He had a yard with an invisible fence in his previous home, so we know he is trained for one, but would prefer that he have a physical fence around his yard in case he gets too excited about a cat to chase!

Wiley had some separation anxiety when he was younger but did not do well in a crate. He does better in a home where his family isn't gone full work days, but can be left alone in a home while his family is out.
He is very affectionate, and will quickly become attached to his new family. He could make a great brother to another fur-child, but must approve of his new sibling. Wiley is a bit of a boss and prefers submissive dogs over dominant ones. We think Wiley sees small children as competition for attention; he should go to a home with all adults or with children mature enough to be able to show they are leaders and that Wiley should not compete with them for attention. The only thing Wiley likes cats for is for lunch, so he cannot live with cats.

So many families are missing out right now! Wiley is currently living in a private kennel and would greatly benefit by being in a foster home until he finds his furever home. If you have a yard and a heart big enough to offer this happy guy either, please let me know.  

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