Wednesday, December 1, 2010

(B)AMA Birthday Dinner

So I had several paragraphs written about my dinner last night, and was boring myself. Not a good message to send out to not-yet-addicted readers. So in short, 2 great friends and I continued a tradition of girls' night out for dinner to celebrate a birthday. We were missing 1 dear friend whose life has taken a southbound path (south as in North Carolina, not south as in down the toilet), but we know she was there in spirit. At the choice of the birthday girl, we went to Teresa's Next Door Bar in Wayne, PA. Yep, the suburbanite got the city gals out of our comfort zone. We shared crispy artichokes as an appetizer and they were excellent. Not greasy, very artichoke-y, just enough to get me excited about eating again. For our entrees, we each had a sandwich. I chose pulled pork, which is my go-to item when I'm not really craving anything particular. I'd give the sandwich and pork itself a 6/10 on my favorite scale, but once I spread the jalapeno cole slaw on there, wha la! bumped that puppy up to an 8/10. The beer selection was just as big as any Belgian bar's beer selection should be. They obviously take pride in it and even attempt to serve your draft beer in a glass painted with the corresponding brewer's logo. In addition to our friend's birthday (who is a few years away from the big 3-0), it was also the 30th birthday celebration of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. I must say, I was very impressed with their hefeweizen. Not too spicy, not too sweet. I may even suggest the Sierra Nevada variety pack for the next case in the Taylor Street Zoo refrigerator. All things considered, Teresa's Next Door was an excellent choice and I recommend it if you're in the Main Line area and looking to hug a mug. (I must stay true to my 'hood though and say if you're in the Art Museum Area and looking to hug a mug in a Belgian bar, The Belgian Cafe' is the haus to which you must go! Prost!

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  1. oh how delighted I was to find out the birthday girl had picked the bar and not the italian restaurant next door! Since I am trying to eat healthier and I am not the biggest fan of Italian food, I certainly spent a good amount of time at work agonizing over which of the italian meals I was going to have to suffer through! (all the good ones are so unhealthy)