Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sheba the Snow Angel

When Ribby was a homeless dog, he had a friend named Sheba. Sheba was down on her luck and wasn't ready to make many friends. She enjoyed Ribby's company though (come on, who doesn't?!) and they played whenever they had the chance. Ribby joined our family a year and a half ago, but his girly friend Sheba is still looking for a home.

We aren't exactly sure what mix of breeds Sheba is, but think she may have some boxer in her. Maybe some terrier? rottie? American bulldog? A medium-large girl, about 65 pounds, and about 4 years old, she's in great shape. She has been in a foster home for a few months now, following more than a year in a kennel. She picked right back up with perfect potty habits, and has the run of the house even while her foster mom is out for the day. She can be crated during the day, but doesn't get into any trouble when left alone out of a crate.

Sheba looooves her long walks and rides in the car. Her foster mom has a convertible that she rides in and lets the wind run through her ears. During her long walks, she'll take breaks to lie down and bask in the sunshine. She knows she's a beauty!

Now that the weather is turning cold, Sheba is looking forward to making snow angels. She just loves to roll around in the snow!! Even though Sheba doesn't get along with many other dogs, she's a love bug to her human friends. She is very shy at first but it won't be long before she's rolling over for belly rubs and leaning up against her human for security.
Sheba is looking to be the star of your home. Do you have a stage on which she can shine? ;

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