Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wanna play fetch with me?? Huh? Huh? Come on! I'm a fun guy!

I'm gonna go with the shot to the gut right away.

Seriously. How cute is he?! Meet Langley. Langley's fallen on some hard times recently. His owner passed away and no one in his owner's family wanted the responsibility of a pooch, so he ended up at PSPCA.

We obviously can't ask his previous owner what is in his mix of breeds, but the folks at the SPCA and our rescue seem to think mayyyybe there's some pit bull in him, although he has short legs, so maybe its bull terrier? He has a wirey coat so there's some kind of wire-haired terrier in him as well (duh, Amy; way to state the obvious) and is buff and white in color.

He's about 40 pounds, but like I said, with short legs. He's put on a little bit of weight since the photo above was taken.

Langley is about a year old, but still has a lot of puppy in him. He is very active and will need a family that can give him sufficient exercise. The first time I picked Langley up for an adoption event, we bonded immediately (his paws and belly were soaking wet from trying to catch the water coming out of the hose; don't tell Hubby I let him in the car without drying him off ;). Once he got over his very brief shyness at our introduction, he was very excited to be headed out on an adventure! I let him sit in the front seat since Hubby was unavailable for the adoption event that day. He is wonderful in the car! Like I said, there was some excitement when we first hopped in, but nothing that made me regret putting him in the front seat. (Ok, well, maybe I wasn't watching the road as much as I should have. Did you see his face? I couldn't stop looking at his cuteness!) By the time we reached Petsmart, only about a 5-10 minute drive, he was sitting in his seat with his front paws on the center console staring at me.

Although he does have a lot of energy, Langley seems to follow commands well. At adoption events with a lot of activity surrounding him, he will pay attention and "sit" with (just a wee bit of) prompting. He will need a strong leader to use his energy and intelligence in a constructive way. I bet he's got a whole slew of tricks just waiting to be honed. Because he does have a lot of energy, we feel Langley would be best suited for a family with older children, maybe 10 and older, who won't get scared or knocked down when he plays. I think a fenced-in yard is second on Langley's Christmas list (behind #1: a family to love, of course) since he loves to play ball!

 He loves other toys (or recyclables) as well:
and will allow his humans to take them away without any aggression.

Langley is neutered, up to date with vaccines, microchipped and will be heartworm/lymes tested before adoption. 

Whatdya say? Ya up for a game of fetch?? The only thing he won't fetch and return is your heart. He'll steal that forever!

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