Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Holiday Wish

I originally started this blog out of boredom and an idea of how I could help the rescued dogs of West Jersey Volunteers for Animals in addition to the various adoption events that Hubby and I participate in. Writing a blog has led me to read more blogs (maybe I'm classified as a blogger by now), and naturally I'm drawn to those about animals and food. While my love affair for Rachael Ray has faded a bit in the last year, my love affair with free things has not. So when my ALL YOU Free Sample a Day email led me to Rach's site with the promise of a free sample of her dog food (which I will donate to my local shelter since it's not the brand my dogs eat), I found my way onto her blog (which is also a collection of several other do I get added to that?!) and read a bit about what she does for animal rescues and her theories about the dog food she markets. I knew that Rach is a huge advocate for the misunderstood breed of Pit Bull/American Staffordshire Terrier/Staffordshire Bull Terrier/etc, and I knew she had a pittie girl of her own. But what I didn't know, was that Isaboo is Buster's doppleganger!!
Exhibit A

Ok, ok, calm down. I know it's exciting to see, but lets focus on a more critical issue than how to get Buster a job as Isaboo's stunt double. I must admit, I'm a bit skeptical of the marketing, since I know Rachael Ray cooks people food for her pup Isaboo, but I also must admire her realistic viewpoint and use of her fame to market healthy diets for dogs staffed by humans who may not have the time/means to cook for their pooches daily. My skepticism and then rational thought led me to think about all of those animals just sitting, waiting, hoping for a human to come find them and lead them out of the shelter. Lets assume from here on out, this post will be my Holiday Plea for all the homeless animals out there.

Rachael Ray has the right frame of mind. While there are crazy animal people out there: those who cook daily for their pooches, those who climb out of their own beds at 2am to climb into their dog's bed to comfort him so he can go back to sleep (guilty), those who buy nicer sweaters for their animals than for themselves, I could go on... Pet owners don't need to go through all that trouble. Adopting a dog is, in most cases, easier than buying/acquiring a puppy. Most adoptable dogs are older than 6 months, most have lived in a home at some point in their life and have been housetrained already, and most will be happy with a bowl of food twice a day, fresh water daily, a few toys scattered throughout the house, and a pair of human feet to keep warm by curling up on them next to the couch (or to wait for by the door).
Sure, bringing a dog into your life usually means altering your schedule a bit. You have to go home to let the dog out before heading out for happy hour. You may have to find someone to watch the dog if you need to go away for a weekend. You may have to make room in your bed if you're a softie and will allow your dog to sleep in your bed. But the dog will always be happy to see you once you do return, and will be thankful that you left him alone all day so he could get a proper nap!

We can't all be doctors, nurses, paramedics, etc, but we can all save a life. There are so many animals out there hoping for a family, a home, and a second chance. By rescuing 1 animal, you make room for another animal to stay in a shelter until he is lucky enough to go home. Adjusting to life with a new animal is temporary yet life changing. Yeah, there's the adding of dog food/cat litter to the shopping list, and scheduling a visit to the vet about as often as you go to the dentist (hopefully not more often), the more frequent vacuuming you'll need to do, and additional lodging plans when planning a family vacation. But there's also the relief you get when you come home from a bad day and there's a pooch wagging his tail and licking your face or a kitty waiting to rub against your leg. Its as if they are telling you "It's ok mom/dad. Leave all that bad stuff outside and lets have some fun!" There's the entertainment you'll get when your animal does something silly. There's the companionship you'll feel when you can read your dogs ears and know exactly what he's thinking. There's the excitement when you come home from a great day and have an animal ready to tag along as you take a walk with a little more pep in your step, or throw the ball a little further because your excitement allows your arm to play that much more.
Owning your own pet puts you in contact with other pet owners. Of course this happens more often if you lack a yard sufficient for playing, therefore must walk your dog(s) several times daily, but as dog owners, we've met neighbors and friends because our dogs like to play together. This helps alleviate the dilemma of finding someone to take care of your pup when you are away....ready made playdates and sleepovers!

Consider saving a life this holiday season. Let a deserving animal say "I'm going home!" I guarantee it won't be the last time you give your pet a holiday gift.

Ribby and Buster are hoping for big things from Santa Claws.

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