Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Ugly Quiche

This Thanksgiving, I made my first attempt at baking a pie. Worried that genetics play a part in beginner baking skills, I made sure my Ma still made her traditional Pumpkin and Derby Pies. See, before Ma perfected her pies, she made an infamous apple pie that resulted in a crust that fused to the pie plate. Even though I wasn't even a glimmer in her eye when this occurred, she'll never live it down. Luckily though, through indirect intervention, I was enlightened and led to Trader Joe's frozen pie crust just in the nick of time. I'm happy to report that the resulting pie turned out to be delicious and in fact, the crust lifted beautifully from the pie plate. So naturally, I wondered what other works of magic I could create with this heavenly frozen pie crust....enter stage left.....quiche!

Hubby is a big fan of quiche, so I thought I'd give it a shot since I don't often let him pick the recipe du jour. I picked up a box of 2 frozen pie crusts on my way home one day and had the rest of the ingredients already on hand.
The wine didn't go in the quiche, but yes, it was essential to its success.
What I failed to realize though, is that the crust for pie attempt #1 was not pre-baked. What I also did not realize was the worth of pie weights and the purpose of covering the crust with foil when pre-baking it. Observe:
Once I stopped shaking my head at myself, I remembered what my friend said, "quiche is easy as pie!," figured no one would see the crust anyway, and since it wasn't burnt, I continued with my recipe. Ya know what? It was easy as pie! I mixed the egg, cream and scallions together, put the cheese and bacon on top of the ugly crust, poured the egg mixture on top and popped it in the oven.
so there's no crust around the side...what's your point?!
We were good and let the quiche set (probably because I was making a back-up meal in case the quiche was a flop), but once it was set, we dug in!

I know its more fun to read about things that don't go so well, but a) I wanted to brag about my yummy quiche and b) was hoping someone out there would tell me a way to keep the pie crust from sliding down the sides of the pie plate. Or is covering it with foil and putting pie weights on the surface the simple solution? On to the next adventure while I try to figure that out....

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