Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fostering Love

I like to highlight specific dogs on my blog, but West Jersey Volunteers for Animals is desperate for foster homes for several dogs that should be in 1 animal homes. These are animals that may need a little bit of special attention, or may just need a place to be reminded how to live in a home. Fostering is a way to "test drive" having a dog, or a way to have a pet when you are unable to commit to providing a lifelong home for one. Fostering allows an ease-in period or a great opportunity for an animal lover who may travel a lot to give a dog a home part time.
A dog in a foster home is easier to adopt to a forever home. They are used to a routine, so their temperament tends to be better. A kennel is noisy and uncomfortable, so a dog in a foster home is well rested and less stressed. They receive regular exercise and play time, so they have a healthy outlet for their energy. They receive a consistent diet at regular feeding times, so they have a healthier weight and coat. They are observed in a home for health issues that may need treatment.
Fostering a dog isn't just feeding and providing a home for an animal that you will have to give up in a week or a month, or sadly, as long as a year. It's saving a life. It's saving the life of the dog you fostered for WJVA, allowing us to pull another dog from a local shelter and afford to house him/her in a private kennel, and freeing up a spot at said local shelter for another dog to live. 3 lives! That's 3 lives you're changing!
As I've said before, WJVA is a hands-on organization. Any health issues that may need to be addressed while in your care are covered by our vet. WJVA will provide temporary kennel homes for foster dogs, free of charge of course for foster families who may go out of town or need a break. WJVA will even provide food if necessary. Volunteers can pick your foster dog up for adoption events or you can come to adoption events and meet potential adopters with your pooch.
I've read and reread this post prior to posting it. My intention is to educate, not guilt. If you're thinking of getting a pet but would like to test it out first, this is your opportunity. If you're looking for a way to volunteer with an organization and have a love of animals, this is your opportunity. Do you have a warm home during this cold winter that could be the diving board these dogs need to make the leap to their forever homes?

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